Moments With Melody – November ’14

As November rolls around this year, please take time to thank our Veterans for taking care of America and its   territories!  Whether serving actively or in a reserve, what these people do isn’t easy and they are deserving of our support and gratitude.

According to the World Population Review website1, the United States’ current population is approximately              320,563,000. Our veteran population is approximately 21,973,000 (with about 10% of those being female) 2. Based on these numbers approximately 1 in 15 citizens is a current or past military service provider, so odds are you        know one, you are one, or you have one in your family.

While Congress has provided many resources for our Veterans over the years, only a fraction of this population is    accessing those resources and benefits. There are medical benefits, pensions, education loans, home loans, and medical home care benefits among the resources provided. Many of these benefits are extended to surviving         spouses or children. If you are a Veteran I would encourage you to explore the benefits available to you. If you        have a parent that served, you should also explore what benefits or services they may be entitled to. The costs to a family associated with aging and long-term care can be quite extensive and you may find that your family member qualifies for a benefit that would help to ease that burden.

As your Financial Advisor, we’d be happy to have a discussion of potential Veteran’s Benefits as a part of our         meetings with you. The first step is determining your Veteran status and service during peacetime or during a        declared war. Two heads are always better than one and we can help analyze your individual situation. However,    keep in mind that you still need to contact your local Veteran’s Affairs Advocate who will work with you at no          charge to file for benefits that you may be entitled to3.

Our Veterans deserve our attention and support so we’re happy to meet with them and help out in their financial     planning goals. Besides that – they always have a great story to share! I knew an awesome lady that got to spend some time as General Patton’s chauffeur. She had a few stories! And, I bet you do, too. I invite you to come in and meet with us, share your story, and give us an opportunity to be of service to you.

Thank you for all that you do!






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