Retirement Planning

Planning for Retirement – Are you prepared?

Ask yourself these few questions:

1.  Do I understand the range of options I have with my retirement savings and the potential tax consequences?

2.  Do I know what type of investments I need and how to structure my portfolio in order to sustain my lifestyle in retirement (and not run out of money)?

3.  Have I taken the necessary steps to minimize the tax bite when I begin to draw down my retirement savings?

4.  Am I certain that my investment portfolio is protected against a sharp drop in the stock market?

5.  Do I have the right type of health coverage to protect myself (us) as I get older?

6.  Have I updated my will in the last 5 years?

7.  Have I financially prepared for my need for long-term care as I get older?

8.  Do I know how much federal estate taxes my family will owe when I pass away?

9.  Have I effectively protected my assets so a long-term illness will not significantly impact my estate?

10.  Do I know what tax liability I will incur when I sell assets (ex. a home)?

If you answered YES to all questions, then Congratulations!

If you answered NO to any of these questions, it is important for you to meet with a financial professional and address these issues.

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For over 25 years, Bob Kramer has helped clients design cost-effective solutions.  We have many tools available to help you get on track to preparing for your retirement.